Our Products are collection of “best of breed” Commercial products and tools compiled together to become an integrated Voice based communication system and IT services. Correctly implemented, Our product will provide you system that will rival almost any other, not just in functions, but ability to integrate with other products to make the system even more powerful.

SOLEXNET developers have written a Web Interface that allows you to access these programs, so that they, in general, look like one complete product and service.

SOLEXNET have also written certain software such as reporting programs, Hardware detection, Network Configuration, Software Update Module, Backup Restore module, User Management and many more modules themselves.

Explore our services to learn how to automate your phones

Our platform of products & services helps businesses achieve greater productivity every day—without requiring costly new phone equipment or changes to business processes.

Grow your business

Use our Voice Based products to automate prospecting, sales, and business development processes.

Cut your costs

Automate inbound call handling with our IVR and you’ll lower your costs while maintaining rich dialogue with your customers.

 Market Instantly, Track in Real-Time

Put a new Toll-Free Number to use for a marketing campaign and instantly watch the results with our Call Tracking reporting suite.

 Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

Our Developer API Toolkit lets you integrate our tools into your existing systems and business processes. You can initiate complex customer interactions with very simple HTML commands, and use our Toolkit to record status codes, responses, and even voicemails back into your environment

 So Easy to Use

Easily configure our phone products & services in just minutes from an easy-to-use website. Combine them together for a unique business solution and update settings on the fly. Need help? We are always just a phone call away, ready to help you get started