SOLEXNET is pleased to provide the Office Telephony System. Recognizing and understanding a client’s needs is paramount in developing a true and complete telephony solution, whether for small, medium or enterprise needs. SOLEXNET has established itself as the leader in telephony solutions & Call Recording Solutions. Each project we accept is carefully orchestrated to insure that each customer’s expectations are met and exceeded. To that end we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff, a unique feature set designed specifically for the central station, and a proven business process.



Central Station needs and requirements are not the same as a retail store or an insurance company and SOLEXNET knows this. We provide the features needed to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and provide a true redundant environment. Whether we are providing the PRI to Analog conversion for your virtual receivers, automated Two-Way voice management, full automation software interface, or a dynamic telephony solution with IP phones for disaster prevention, our SOLEXNET telephony solution has no equal. No other IP-PBX system can provide the features of the SOLEXNET system.

  • Multiple SOLEXNET with 100% up time and 100% 
on a call up time even on a server failure.
  • 1000’s of end points with 100+ PRI circuits and 
1000+ analog with “D” channel in DTMF.
  • Full CSTA interface to all major automation software systems for auto-dial, auto-dial with alternate phone number injection, automated Two-Way voice handling with DTMF control, and inbound call information.
  • In bound call rejection using ANI at the SOLEXNET level.


  • SIP IP Phones with multi line appearance, Color or B/W
  • Gig phones, Video phones
  • PoE capability or power module for remote phones (no PoE switch)
    High Definition Voice codec
  • Smart keys with expansion
  • Soft Phone and SIP mobility options for laptop and mobile devices


  • Port Mirroring capability for SecurVoice call recording off IP phones
  • CSTA interface to all major automation software
  • IVR interface for automated outbound call notifications (virtual operator)


Virtual IP-PBX Platform with N+1 redundancy.
Multiple PRI & Analog Gateways.
Blended Alarm and Voice calls over PRI circuits.
PRI to Analog conversion to Virtual receivers.
IP Telephony for redundancy and mobility.
1000+ Analog Circuits to receivers.
Auto-Dialing with dealer phone number injection.
Automated Two-Way voice management.
ANI Call Rejection at the phone switch.
ACD Reporting Engine & Contact Center solution.
Remote IP phones via the Internet, no VPN.
No Geographic restrictions.
Full ACD routing and call management to person, people or receivers.
Multiple location architecture.
Optional Video conferencing.
Voice Mail with Unified Messaging, Auto-Attendant and Hold notifications.
100,000+ end point capability.
Live tiled statistical information for immediate action and display.
Mobile phone, Desk and remote Desk call routing.