Voice Mail takes a caller’s message when you can’t answer the phone. You will receive a message-waiting indicator to let you know that a message has been left for you.

SOLEXNET Voice Mail gives you the same options you expect with traditional voice mail, plus an extra level of flexibility. You can retrieve your messages from any phone or by listening to them on your computer in an email sent to you as soon as the message is recorded. Additionally, using SOLEXNET’s Transcription service you can transcribe voice messages into text and read them in your email.



Alternate Telephone User Interfaces (TUIs).
Multiple Personal Greetings.
Out of Office Greeting.
Out of Office General Introduction.
General Introduction Greeting.
Disable DTMF During Greetings.
Quick Record for Greetings.
Delete Personal Greeting Daily.
Alternate Outside Caller Interfaces.
Read, Unread and Saved Message Classification.
Urgent Messages.
User Tutorial.
Auto Logon.
Quick Logon.
Bookmark – DTMF.
Context Sensitive Help – DTMF.
Fast Forward and Rewind – DTMF.
Group Message Processing – DTMF.
Message Presentation Ordering.
Access Messages from Outside Callers – DTMF.
Speed Control in TUI – DTMF.
Transfer to Message Sender (Live Reply) – DTMF.
Concise Prompt Sets.
Pause During Message Playback – DTMF.
Pause Immediate Return – DTMF.
Delete a Message – DTMF.
Web Phone Manager.
Access Messages by Sender – DTMF.
Automatic Envelope Information.
Notification before Message Auto-purge.
Suppress Message Purge Announcement and more…