Faculty and staff are at the heart of your institution’s success. But recruiting the best talent, engaging them with appropriate rewards, and delivering the services they need to thrive is a complicated job. That’s why your institution requires powerful human resources management software to deliver what your constituents expect. SOLEXNET Human Resources is a comprehensive human resource management (HRM), payroll and position control solution that helps institutions support every aspect of the employee life-cycle. Whether deployed on-site or hosted in the cloud, SOLEXNET Human Resources brings several tools to help you better manage employees.



  • Review direct reports’ profile information.
  • Assess and approve submitted timeheets, advance leave requests, and electronic Personnel Action Forms for hiring, employee, and job status changes.
  • Review and approve compensation and funding adjustments.
  • Model salary and budget adjustments.
  • Review proposed faculty compensation records.
  • Access personal and job-related information.
  • Automate job requisitions so you can manage applicants more successfully.
  • Create career sites to help you identify the right candidates
  • Maintain required training and certification from a single eLearning system.
  • Align individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy.
  • Manage workforce and employee succession.
  • Evaluate staff and faculty performance with a 360-degree view.
  • Budget for and track specific positions.
  • View funds that are budgeted, committed, and available for each position.
  • Calculate encumbrances based on configurable options including system calculation, annual salary, value input, or hours input.
  • Utilize interactive budget development functionality to plan salaries.
  • Manage and monitor progression, promotion, workforce, and utilization analysis.
  • Communicate, route, review, and approve personnel actions such as hiring, salary.
  • increases, employee status changes, and adjustments to labor distributions.
  • Calculate appropriate compensation packages for full-time, adjunct, or part-time faculty based on instructional and non-instructional workload.
  • Track tenure, reappointment, and sabbatical leaves as well as faculty workload and compensation.
  • Manage benefit and leave eligibility as well as the calculation of payroll deductions and paid time off accrual with configurable rules.
  • Accommodate your institution’s payroll, personnel, benefits, and budgeting policies and procedures.
  • Use default work schedules for hourly employees to minimize data entry.
  • Process direct deposits and check-based payrolls.
  • Allow employees to update direct deposit allocations with self-service tools.
  • Manage federal, state, or provincial wage and tax reports.
  • Handle multiple stipends, premium pay, and work shifts, including rates and differentials.